The Christmas Card


The saying on the front...


White Christmas in Australia 

Let your Imagination make it Possible 


Poem inside the card


Christmas with Friends and Family  

   Once again is Christmas time we remember love and peace

We gather friends and family exchange gifts and have a feast   

Some remember the Christ in Christmas who for their sins he died   

Some enjoy food, wine, fun and the laughter and bright eyes of a child   

I ponder by my Christmas tree what Christmas really means to me   

To me it is a special time to share with friends and Family   

Who are always there for me and know when I am in need   

Who do not judge but love me, those are friends indeed   

Who at times of struggle reach out their helping hands   

How can I tell you how I feel and make you understand   

That you are always in my heart wherever I might be    

And my life is so more complete with friends and family   

That’s why I send this little poem, with lots of love to share   

Not just at Christmas time but every day of the year.     


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