The Hug/Love Card


Send this card to someone you would like to send love and hugs, because they might be sad.....Or you might miss them....Or I am so glad you are my friend (mother, Father etc).   

The list is long... I am sure you have someone special in your life who would love to get a hug, even if it is only with a beautiful card.  


Poem inside the card


Sharing a Hug 

A hug is a smile with your arms out-stretched 

A hug says much more than words can express 

A hug says I love you in so many ways 

It says I am your friend I am here to stay 

A hug says hello and also goodbye 

You are in my heart and never far away 

A hug to a homeless says I really do care 

I have a few dollars I am happy to share 

A hug says I am here - a shoulder to cry on - 

Remember, after the rain there will be a rainbow 

A hug says I love you I would give you the stars 

If only I was a giant and could reach this far 

A hug can truly change somebody’s day 

Can make a difference in a positive way 

Within our hearts we all have a light 

Within our minds let’s all unite 

By sharing the love and playing your part 

We all can give someone today a hug from the heart 



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