The 'Making a Difference in my Life' Card


Any reasons you can think off, where someone made a difference in your life? This card can also be sent to say thank you.

For example, thank you for being there when I needed a friend, you made a difference to my day....Or thank you for my birthday present it really made a difference to my special day....  

The list is long. Who deserves a thank you for making a difference in your life? 


Poem inside the card


Making A difference 

Tonight in bed with my body at rest just before I drift away 

I recall my day and ask myself have I made a difference today 

Have I smiled at people passing by to make their world a little brighter 

Have I given enough hugs away to make someone’s load a little lighter 

Have my words been spoken lovingly been encouraging and kind 

Have my thoughts been genuine wishing the best for all mankind 

Have I given a helping hand today I really can’t remember 

Yes, I helped a lovely old lady she said thanks with her touch so tender 

Have I shared precious moments with loved ones and told them I care 

Have I counted my blessings not everyone is as lucky this world is not fair. 

Have I...? the list is long, but the night calls for sleep and as I am drifting away 

I promise that tomorrow even if it is only in a very small way 

I will make a difference to somebody’s day 



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