The Sympathy Card


A great card to send to somebody who has just has lost a loved one....   

Poem in front of the card 


The soul is set free when the body departs 

But the memory will live forever right there in your heart 


Poem inside the card


My memories of you 

I remember many moments in a very special way 

I seal them in my heart and they will never go away 

You had your last curtain call - your final act was played 

It was all of a sudden your life just slipped away 

I know one day we all must go - we do not have a choice 

And as I sit in quietness I can hear your voice 


Listen to your heart listen to your soul 

In a peaceful moment you can feel my spirit soar 

Don’t dwell on the past it will never be the same 

Believe that we will be united once again 

In the stillness of your mind together we can travel space and time 


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